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найдено 178413 изданий (7137 стр.) страницы: 1 ... 6803 6804 6805 6806 6807 6808 6809 6810 6811 6812 6813 ... 7137
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Химия
Ashish Sartape and Sanjay Kolekar
Adsorption Technique For Removal Of Dyes And Heavy Toxic Metals. Removal Of Dyes And Heavy Toxic Metals With Adsorption Technique Using Low Cost Adsorbents
2013 г.,  396 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book is about study of adsorption of heavy metals and dyes. Adsorption technique is well known for various applications, for which activated carbon is the popular answer. Activated carbon needs effective and economical alternative which we have given in this research. It includes synthesis of low cost adsorbents and its application to remove...

55027 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Агропромышленный комплекс -> Растениеводство -> Садоводство
Megha Patil and Sanjaykumar Jain
Development of Soy- Jambul Seed Powder Fortified Biscuits. Protein Rich Biscuits
2013 г.,  124 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Biscuits are very convenient and inexpensive food products and are becoming very popular among both rural and urban population especially among children as well as aged persons of India.In rural areas, malnutrition problem is severe in women and children because of traditional foods having low nutritive value. The nutritive value of foods...

29087 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Агропромышленный комплекс -> Растениеводство -> Садоводство
Maqsood Ahmed,Muhammad Akbar Anjum and Yuanwen Teng
Pyrus Germplasm of Kashmir- Pakistan. Present status of pear in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Current research with reference to their nutritional values
2013 г.,  84 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Geographically, the state of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, is situated in the mountainous region of Northern Pakistan and in the foothills of Himalayas. This region reflects rich biodiversity in Pyrus. Pear stands 2nd in ranking after and is excellent source of carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral and dietary fiber. It is relished for their buttery,...

25579 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Химия
Dilip Yadav,Prabhakar Navarkar and Paritosh Rana
Molybdenum: Separation and Estimation. Guide Book For Students And Researchers
2013 г.,  132 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The book is destined to satisfy the challenging requirements of students and researchers for separation and estimation of molybdenum. In this book we have tried to give balanced, coherent and comprehensive account of the chemistry of element molybdenum, its separation and estimation. Accordingly, the book is deal not only with molybdenum chemistry...

32293 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Машиностроение -> Химическое машиностроение
Emmanuel Osoka
Rate Modelling of Starch Gelatinisation Under Strong Alkali Conditions. Rate Modelling
2013 г.,  104 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The increasing demand for starch base glues has made the conversion of starch to glue an important industrial process. The basic kinetics in the industrial process for the conversion of starch to glue involves starch gelatinisation at low temperatures, under strong alkali conditions. This demand for starch base glues notwithstanding, much less is...

28376 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Энергетика и электроснабжение
Pellumb Gjinolli
Wind Energy Potential of Kosovo. Theoretical Wind Energy Analysis
2013 г.,  88 стр.,  мягкий переплет
In absence of the on-site measurements at the time that this study was preapred (2010), author has decided to rather go on with theoretical data, which he recieved based on 8 year measurement form the regional Meteorological centers and already processed through Computer Modeling MM5. The study's main aim was to make an analysis based on...

18646 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Гуманитарные науки -> Литературоведение
Mahshid Abootalebi
Pains and Grievances of Hafiz. A Literary Research about Hafiz
2013 г.,  108 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Research upon the social and political environment of Hafiz's era Mongolian attacks and their relevant reflections in literature works in Iran The reasons for the popularity of Hafiz among Iranians Understanding the ideology of Hafiz Anti Hypocrisy in Hafiz's poetry and thought Satire, the most important way of criticism in Hafiz's poetry ...

19335 тг
Бумажная версия
Раздел каталога: Искусство и культура
Xiao Jean Chen
An Inquiry Into Colorado's College Opportunity Fund. The Administrators' Perspective
2013 г.,  56 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The first and only voucher-based policy approach to finance higher education in America, the College Opportunity Fund (COF), was implemented by the state of Colorado in 2004. In 2011, this research study conducted a survey to seventeen senior administrators of Coloradan universities, as an attempt to examine the outcomes and effects of the COF...

18740 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки
Md. Nazmul Hasan and Sudeb Som
Analysis and Design of Backbone Network.
2013 г.,  68 стр.,  мягкий переплет
A backbone network or network backbone is a part of computer network infrastructure that interconnects various pieces of network, providing a path for the exchange of information between different LANs or sub networks. A backbone can tie together diverse networks in the same building, in different buildings in a campus environment, or over wide...

20837 тг
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Менеджмент
Olive Luvai and Justus Maende
Teachers' Higher Degrees on Teaching and Learning in Kenyan Schools. How Teachers' Further Studies Enhance Students' Academic Performance
2013 г.,  112 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Acquisition of higher education by secondary school teachers has implications on teaching and learning in secondary schools. The study set out to determine the perceived effects of teachers’ acquisition of higher degrees on teaching and learning. Specifically it investigated the perceived effect of teacher’s acquisition of higher degrees on...

28660 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Гуманитарные науки -> Лингвистика, филология, изучение языков и словари
Marie Poli?ensk?
Translation Universals in Jirotka?s Saturnin. Analysis of the English and Spanish Translations of Saturnin by Zden?k Jirotka
2013 г.,  164 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The object of the work is the analysis of translation universals in the English and Spanish translations of the novel Saturnin by Zden?k Jirotka. The aim of the analysis is to find out how the two translations differ in respect to the number and distribution of translation universals and to try to identify the potential cause(s) of these...

37604 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Биология -> Генетика
Ivana Koljensic
Quantitative DNA method in forensic DNA laboratory. Screening tool for efficient genotyping
2013 г.,  88 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Quantification of human DNA in forensic samples is an important step during STR profiling because the STR genotyping is sensitive to the quantity of DNA used in the PCR reaction.This study focuses on the importance of quantification in the entire process of genetic analysis.Two real time PCR platforms were used to compare two commercial kits in...

21547 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Агропромышленный комплекс -> Растениеводство -> Садоводство
Naba Raj Bhandari
Management Of Alternaria Leaf Spot And Blight Of Radish. By Biological and Botanical Extract for Seed Production in Chitwan, Nepal
2013 г.,  88 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Leaf spot and blight caused by Alternaria spp. is on of the most important disease of Brassica species through out the world, which often results in severe yield losses. It is considered as a number one disease of radish affecting both fresh vegetable and seed production. The disease is more severe when the plants are left for seed production in...

21547 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Точные науки -> Информатика и программирование -> Информационные технологии
Norbert Lanzanasto
Streaming IRIS. Stream reasoning based on time-windowed continuous query answering
2013 г.,  96 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Mobile devices and sensors of every kind are able to produce live data about their position and measurements about the environment they are deployed. In many cases this data streams are made available on the Internet. Besides the explicit information, these streams contain implicit knowledge. To extract this knowledge a system is needed, that...

18930 тг
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Банковская деятельность
Arwinder Singh
Internet Stock Trading: A Conceptual and Practical Approach.
2013 г.,  300 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book simply and effectively traces the evolution and development of Internet stock trading and is an attempt to convert a novice into informed internet-based investors. Keeping in view of the rising trend of net-based technology in stock market, the attempt is made to examine the attitudes of adopters and non-adopters toward Internet stock...

47026 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Точные науки -> Информатика и программирование -> Интернет и локальные сети
Peter Kemei
Framework for Monitoring Hardware Firewall Functionality Using NIDS.
2013 г.,  176 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Kemei is Cisco Certified and A+ Hardware and Software Certified professional.Practical and professional work is teaching and consultancy focus on Computer Networking & Data Communications, Computer Hardware and Software Maintenance, Network Security, Mobile Computing and Wireless Communication. Other interest include participating in research...

38030 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки
Cassandra Jeyaram
Repeated Resistance to New Technologies. A Case Study of the Recording Industry’s Tactics to Protect Copyrighted Works in Cyberspace Between 1993 and 2003
2013 г.,  444 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Through legal and historical analysis of the recording industry’s tactics to deter copyright infringement on the Internet between 1993 and 2003, this book suggests the main reason why the recording industry has repeatedly failed to protect copyrighted works online is its resistance to Internet-based technologies and its failure to modify its...

48801 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Точные науки -> Информатика и программирование
Danny Weyns
An Architecture-Centric Approach for Engineering Multiagent Systems.
2013 г.,  328 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Developing and managing today’s distributed applications is hard. Three important reasons for the increasing complexity are: (1) stakeholders of systems have various, often conflicting quality requirements; (2) the systems are subject to highly dynamic and changing operating conditions; (3) activity in the systems is inherently localized, global...

55117 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Гуманитарные науки -> Лингвистика, филология, изучение языков и словари
Mahmoud Gaber
The Alienated Self in the Plays of Brian Friel. Familial, Political, and Cultural Alienation
2013 г.,  112 стр.,  мягкий переплет
In the drama of Brian Friel the theme of the alienated self represents a recurrent, central theme that this book attempts to investigate. The line of argument in this work is that the Frielian Characters’ alienation results from their failure to satisfy their human needs, such as the need for love and the need for belongingness, in a gratifying...

30747 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Гуманитарные науки -> Психология
Lucia Alba-Ferrara
emotional prosody processing in the schizophrenia spectrum.
2013 г.,  192 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Emotional prosody processing impairment contributes to auditory verbal hallucinations (AVH) formation. This assumption is tested by five studies in healthy, schizotypal and schizophrenia populations. Firstly, the neural underpinnings of emotional prosody processing (EP) in controls, and the modulation of prosodic abilities by hallucination traits...

41937 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Промышленность в целом
Renald Blundell
Genome of the Maltese Goat.
2013 г.,  180 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Two different strategies to amplify anonymous fragments from the genome of Maltese Goat were studied. The first strategy ultised "arms" generated by restriction digests of amplicons. Ligation of the "arms" to a fragment from the goat genome were amplified using the primers complimentary to "arms", by a standard PCR...

25649 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Промышленность в целом
Arshad Amin
Breakdown of Land. The Transformation of Himalayan Land (A Geospatial Approach)
2013 г.,  116 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Srinagar, the summer capital of state of Jammu and Kashmir, has undergone radical changes in its physical form through land transformations over the last decades. The analysis carried out has been portrayed graphically in simple, lucid and pragmatic style. The important characteristics of this study is that it gives the vibrant picture of the...

28803 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> Политика и политология
Chao-chen Chung
Government, Policy-Making and the Development of Innovation System. The Cases of Taiwanese Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Policies (2000–2008)
2013 г.,  64 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This article focuses on the research of RTDI policies (research, technology, development and innovation), and the theme of this article is to link the three indicators together: RTDI policy-making process—the contents of RTDI policies—the appropriateness of RTDI policies on the configuration of the national, the sectoral and the technological...

20695 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Экология
Evans Essienyi
Prefab Houses in low-income countries. Successfully developing Prefab Houses in low-income countries
2013 г.,  76 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Sub-Saharan Africa is experiencing population growth after centuries of population stagnation attributable to the slave trade and colonization. The region’s population, in fact increased from 100 million in 1900 to 770 million in 2005. The latest UN projections published in March 2007, envisaged a figure of 1.5 to 2 billion inhabitants to be...

21121 тг
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Точные науки -> Математика
Utpal Sarma and Gopal Chandra Hazarika
Variable Viscosity on Heat and Mass Transfer Flow.
2013 г.,  212 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Viscosity and thermal conductivity are two temperature dependent properties of matter. In most of the problems of fluid mechanics, the viscosity and thermal conductivity of the fluid were assumed to constant. However it is known that these physical properties can change significantly with temperature.When the effect of variable viscosity and...

41396 тг
Бумажная версия
найдено 178413 изданий (7137 стр.) страницы: 1 ... 6803 6804 6805 6806 6807 6808 6809 6810 6811 6812 6813 ... 7137